Super Recycle Bots


Automated Bots Paying 2.8% Per Day Straight Into Your Phone


Here Are The Reasons Why We HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Super Recycle Bots.

  1. FREE to join – set up your bot in 2-3 minutes
  2. Begin with as little as $12
  3. Limited Availability – First Movers Advantage
  4. Rapid return of seed capital (your initial deposit) – 36 Days to 84 Days depending on your preferences
  5. Easy to use – takes a few minutes per day on your phone.
  6. We are successfully depositing and withdrawing multiple currencies every day
  7. Legitimate company with offline activities supporting the bot for SUSTAINABLE business

Wait! It Can’t Really Be That Easy, Can It?

The Recycle Bots are SO EASY TO USE, all you need do is follow my SIMPLE step by step guide on this page and watch as deposits come into your account every 6 hours. If you already own Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple or the other coins shown below you can literally be up and running in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES.

For those of you who want to find out more information about the company behind the Recycle Bot , the reasons why I chose them and how to grow your Crypto portfolio using these Bots scroll to the bottom of this page. If you are ready to proceed follow the quick start guide below.


How To Start Earning 2.8% Per Day


Follow These 11 Easy Steps To Begin Earning Coin In Less Than 5 Minutes



Download Telegram Messenger On Your SMARTPHONE

STEP 2: (choose ONE of the following bots)

Click To Install The Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin Bot 

Click To Install The Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic and Dash Bot 

Click To Install The Ripple,Monero,NEO and ZCash Bot 



Now you should see “Recycle Superbot” or “Recycle Bot” at the top of the screen (depending on which one you have installed). If you do not see any buttons at the bottom of the screen, type /start into the empty message box at the bottom of the screen. This is the re-boot command for the bot and should bring up a screen with a number of button commands.

If you already own the Crypto Currency or CryptoCurrencies you wish to deposit then you are ready to proceed to the next step.

If you own own Crypto Currency or CryptoCurrencies you wish to deposit in the bot(s) you need to fund your Crypto Wallet or Crypto Exchange account now. For information on buying bitcoin or other crytpo visit our Getting Started With Bitcoin & CryptoCurrency section.  Once you have funded your account(s) come back here and continue with Step 4.


DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP..For access to the news channel (updated in real time), Facebook groups and our personal spreadsheets to forecast your growth over the next 365 days. CLICK HERE


Click the “Balance” button.

Super Recycle Bot


Click “Deposit” button  and then choose the “Deposit (currency)” button depending on the currency you would like to deposit (BTC, LTC or ETH etc.).





i) Always follow this deposit procedure to be sure you have the correct address (the bot will typically provide you with a different deposit address each time you do this. If you send multiple deposits to the same address you risk LOSING YOUR COIN(S)

ii) ALWAYS be sure that the Deposit Currency address is the same as the currency you actually send. So if you select “Deposit Bitcoin” and copy that deposit address,ONLY USE IT TO SEND BITCOIN TO THE BOT.  Never try to send LTC, ETH or any other currency, it WILL GET LOST.



Paste the copied address from Step 6 into the wallet/exchange that you will be sending from and choose the amount to send. (This process changes depending on which platform you are using so be sure you follow instructions your platform provides).



Once you have sent the coin you should find the deposit recorded in the BOT within 5-20 minutes. It can take a few hours, so if it does take a little time, don’t worry. Once you see your deposit in your Bot it is already working for you. Now you have to wait 6 hours. After 6 hours your first deposit will appear in your Account Balance. At this stage the only thing left for you to decide is whether to put the deposit back to work or to withdraw it back into your Crypto Wallet.


STEP 10:

Repeat steps 2 – 8 if you wish to use one or both of the other 2 Bots. (highly recommend  you activate them if you plan to introduce others to this program).


STEP 11:

Click Here to learn how to use the Super Recycle Bots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Risk Strategy

As the SUPER RECYCLE BOT is still new I decided to create a hedge against my deposits by using another bot ( Icenter) which has been around since July 2017 and has a track record of paying out. They also have a 5-year plan for their business (for what that’s worth). The drawback with Icenter is that while the returns are still fantastic they are not close to the returns possible with Recycle Bot. I chose to split my deposits between Recycle Bot and Icenter (75% in Recycle Bot and 25% in Icenter). Both are running very nicely so far.

Which Coins Should I Deposit?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question and with Recycle BOT it doesn’t matter which coin(s) you choose, they are all going to earn at the same rate which is 2.8% every day (0.7% every 6 hours).

When it comes to running BOTS the key is the number of times per day you are able to “recycle”. Those 6 hour earnings begin the moment the coins are put back into the system so the sooner you can reach the minimum deposit amount, the sooner your coins can continue to compound.

If you are choosing to deposit a smaller dollar equivalent of coins then it might be better to work with LTC or ETC than BTC since you will be able to reach the minimum required far faster because you will hold more (numerically) than the high-priced Bitcoin. However you may choose to be in Bitcoin because it’s more stable than the others and is the “reserve” coin of the Cryptocurrency world.

If you are able, you may wish to run multiple currencies at the same time. The obvious benefit of owning multiple coins is to add diversification to your portfolio.

How Much Should I Deposit ?

BEFORE GOING FURTHER you need to decide how much you are prepared to work with. It is essential to understand that this is not an investment (there is no collateral or guarantee of results). Your participation should be thought of more as speculation in other words DO NOT consider depositing money you cannot afford to lose or that you cannot be without for some time.

Head over to the Risk Strategy tab to see how I am managing my exposure on the Super Recycle Bot platform.


Super Recycle Bot returns the same percentage (2.8%) irrespective the cryptocurrency you choose – all for 60 days

iCenter returns 1.2% on BTC, 1.4% on ETH & LTC and 1.5% on BCH. Bitcoin however runs for 120 days instead of 99 days.

Your returns will be affected by

  • The amount of coin you deposit
  • The coin payout % from the bot
  • Your management of your account
  • The speed at which you choose to withdraw your original deposit.
  • The amount of profit you choose to withdraw and frequency of withdrawals.

All material is based on my own personal experience and opinion. Nothing on this page or website should be considered a financial recommendation. If you are unsure of anything on this page you should seek advice from a financial professional. Past profits do not guarantee future results.