Using The Super Recycle Bots

Welcome, You have made a great decision!  Now that you have installed your Bot(s) you must take immediate action to protect your account and to make sure you receive new in REAL TIME.


Follow Each Of These Items Carefully And BE SURE To Do Them ASAP.


  1. Get Verified! Click This Link Telegram ID Validation Bot The owners of the business are following all regulations closely to protect the Bots for the long-term. Everyone participating is required to file KYC (know your customer) information immediately. This is the same process as when you open an account at a financial institution. Failure to do so will eventually have your account put on hold. Note: Your FIRST name on Telegram must match exactly the ID you send.
  2. Message me on Facebook to be added to the Group. This isn’t essential but it’s a good idea to keep up to date with developments from the Company. This is a closed group on Facebook for members only.
  3. Click this link on your phone to receive real-time updates from the company in Telegram. Bot News and Updates
  4. You will find a list of Admin usernames in the above New and Updates Chat Bot (above)

The Affiliate Program

10% Commission for ALL Deposits and Recycles made by anyone you introduce.

To refer someone to each of the three Bots you need to go to the referrals tab and get the link from there.


How To Recycle

To recycle you need to hit the minimum transaction limit for the coin you are trying to recycle. For example Bitcoin is 0.003 BTC. You will find these minimums when you are trying to perform deposits,withdraw or recycles within the bot.

Click “Account Balance” or “My Wallet” and then click Recycle. Choose the coin you want to recycle. It will ask you how much to recycle, unless you don’t have enough in which case it will tell you so.

Let’s assume we are working in Bitcoin it will read:

BTC Balance : 0.01528122 BTC

In the Message box type in the amount to recycle. (I always recycle the full, exact amount when recycling).


The Best Trading Strategies

The best crypto strategy using these recycle bots will be depend on your risk tolerance and how soon you want to be playing with house money (playing with FREE Crypto).

Least Risk - Withdraw All Capital (seed money) in 36 Days

With returns of 2.8% per day you are able to withdraw your entire original deposit within just 36 days. After this time you are playing with “house money” and therefore cannot lose. Of course, pulling all your deposit back will have an effect on the long-term compounding however for those of you who are less risk-averse this strategy is a good option.

Once you have your initial deposit back you can then choose how often to recycle and withdraw profits. Just remember that to keep your account growing (and compounding at an increasing rate) you will want to recycle more coins than you withdraw. If, for instance you want to withdraw most of your earnings each week, you could elect to recycle for 4 days per week and withdraw profits for 3 days.

Accelerated Growth - Withdraw All Capital Within 84 Days (our personal strategy)

The best strategy I have found so far is to RECYCLE for 6 Days and then WITHDRAW for 1 Day. This strategy gets your capital back as quickly as possible, while maximizing the compounding effect. Following this process will allow you to withdraw coin(s) every week while growing the amount of coins actively at work for you.

Day 1 – Recycle as much as you can, as often as possible

Day 2- Recycle as much as you can, as often as possible

Day 3- Recycle as much as you can, as often as possible

Day 4- Recycle as much as you can, as often as possible

Day 5- Recycle as much as you can, as often as possible

Day 6- Recycle as much as you can, as often as possible

Day 7 – Withdraw everything produced that day

Day 8- Recycle as much as you can, as often as possible

and so on….



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